StudioMoon is an independent graphic design and branding firm based in San Francisco, owned by Principal and Creative Director Tracy Moon. StudioMoon offers an overview perspective on the creative process to meet the visual identity needs of companies of all sizes and from all industries. 

We focus on whatever is needed to communicate your image and personality to the people who matter to you most. Your visual image is one of the most valuable assets you can own. If it is strong it helps you get noticed and appreciated. If it's weak, even a great idea won't be enough to help you compete in today's crowded marketplace. 

StudioMoon's goal is to create brands that are unique, compelling, and enduring. With our identity programs, the goal is to ensure that every part of the company’s visual image fits together as a whole, visually and conceptually. When we take on more specific projects, we work to make sure that the result fits in with the company's existing image and goals.

StudioMoon offers a big identity product in a smaller, more intimate, more economical package. All creative work is handled by Tracy personally – relying on outside vendor support as appropriate.
References from current and past clients who can attest to the value of working with StudioMoon are available on request.

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